How To Do Belly Button Self-Healing

Current Buzz | 2016-07-22


Now that you know what Belly Button Healing is, how can you practice it? The fastest and easiest way to do Belly Button Healing is with the Belly Button Healing tool. But, you can also do it with your fingers too. Here are the quick and easy steps to do Belly Button Healing on your own.  



Sit comfortably on a chair or you can sit down in half lotus position.



Now imagine you are looking onto your abdomen area in your mind, and divide your belly button into sections like the hours on a clock. The top towards your chest is 12 o’clock, the bottom towards your feet is 6 o’clock, and your right-hand side from external view (left-hand side from own perspective) is 3 o’clock and left-hand side from external view (right hand from own perspective) is 9 o’clock. Divide your belly button to have all of the “hours” and focus on all of the sections for a few moments. Take in 3 deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.



Make a fist with your dominant hand except the thumb to make a “thumbs up” pose. Now, with your thumb, gently push into your belly button and up towards 12 o’clock and push rapidly many times in short, rhythmic movements. You can rest your other hand on top to give your healing hand more support. Relax your abdomen and shoulders and breathe naturally. Do this about 30-50 times. You should push your thumb deep enough to feel stimulation in your intestines beyond the top surface layer of your abdomen.



Repeat this motion to all of the “hours” of your belly button. Remember to consciously relax your abdomen and shoulders and breathe naturally.



Once you’ve completed the cycle, gently rest your hands on your knees and take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth.


Can you feel a deeper sense of calm and relaxation? If you can’t yet, don’t worry. With repetition, you will be able to relax your abdomen area more and more to be able to definitely feel a difference.  


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Hee Nam Kim