What Is Belly Button Healing?

Current Buzz | 2016-07-22


Belly Button Healing is a unique and completely new way to heal and detoxify your organs from the inside out. Created by the Founder of Body & Brain, Ilchi Lee, the whole premise centers around the idea that your belly button is the center point of your 5 major organs in your abdomen. Therefore, proper stimulation promotes healing for all of those organs.


People who are particularly interested in digestive or intestinal health should take heed to this unique method. Lee says that the belly button serves as a “reset” button for your organs and can help individuals who are struggling with anything from a range of body discomforts like digestive issues to insomnia to even frozen shoulders. Science is also now taking an interest at the gut, which they've discovered through research to be initimately linked in our body's emotional processing as our "2nd brain."

We all know that massage and stimulation relieves tension, toxins, and stress lodged inside of our muscles...but did you know that the same type of massage and stimulation releases tensions, toxins, and stress embedded into your organs? With that said, maybe this is the safest and most relaxing new way to detox our bodies from the inside for the summer without the yo-yoing effect and unhealthy stress our bodies take with crash diets.


To discover more in detail about Belly Button Healing, check out its website at: bellybuttonhealing.com

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Hee Nam Kim