Ario Petryliene

Feeling Positive and Calm

I suffer from many serious health conditions. From doing BHP one to five times a day for 4 months, I experienced relief of my symptoms,
and I started to get into the routine of training my body and mind. My brain and mindset is clearer, I feel positive and calm inside even
when there is stress, and I am able to fall asleep more easily and get quality sleep for better recovery.

Getting More Restful Sleep

I have been practicing BHP Energy Healing for over a month. I could feel energy circulation in my body very strongly that would last the entire day. I had issues with my kidneys and there have been times I would wake up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom three or four times and in some cases almost every hour. I am only getting up now one to two times on average and I am getting more restful sleep.


Robert Puerto

Geri M.

Feeling Less Pain

I was having neck tension and lower back pain but, after BHP healing, the tension in my neck and lower back was reduced significantly.